Rio Moving – Cheapest Moving Company

Rio Moving – Cheapest Moving Company

‘Rio Moving’ also known as the Uber for moving and delivery is the most preferred service across America. Our customers mainly prefer Rio Moving over any other moving service because of its dirt cheap prices. But that’s not all, we are well known for our impeccable services, and the affordable prices end up as a tie-breaker. With all the moving services out there, Rio Moving is the fastest, most reliable, professional, and cost-efficient service you can hire.


First of all, even though our prices are reasonably cheap, that does not mean we lower the standards cheap-moving-companiesof our services. We provide numerous exemplary services such as On-time Delivery, More than one stop delivery, Pick-up stops, a dedicated Move coordinator, a Move Supervisor and much more at a reasonable price. Our rates are affordable because we have a better understanding of what our customers require and what they don’t. We focus only on the troublesome aspects our customers go through and invest our time and effort in solving them alone.


So here’s how our services are dirt cheap as compared to other moving services. Hiring our services does not require any down-payment or deposit, however we do prefer that if you’re cancelling our services, please do so at least 2 hours before the arranged time. Also, we won’t charge you any extra amount for cancelling our services after the above mentioned period, and understand that there was a misunderstanding or miscommunication.


As you’re aware, moving means a lot of packing, and packing means a lot of packing material. You have to order tons of boxes, bubble-wrap, foam-sheets, tape, markers, and much more. And what do you do with the packing material after the move is complete? Well, it all goes in the dustbin. However, we at Rio Moving recycle all the packing material and save additional expenses for you.


You don’t have to pay extra for taxes, for fuel, for the rented vehicle, or the driver. Once you enter all the essential information in the app, or on our website, you get an estimated move rate, with a breakdown of all the services, so you can exclude any services to reduce the overall cost. What the app shows as the estimated price includes all of the selected services, and no extra hidden costs. We even take guarantee that all your belongings will reach the destination in one piece. If any of your belongings are damaged on the move, we take complete responsibility and would reimburse for any damage incurred.


If you compare the prices of Rio Moving to a DIY move, you’ll understand that the sum of all the expenses will come to twice as much as ‘Rio Moving’ prices. On the other hand, we clearly offer the best prices compared to all other moving services because they include additional charges in the final payment. So it is crystal clear why customers prefer Rio Moving. It’s because they prefer our transparent processing, impeccable service standards, and affordable price rates. We are not known as the Uber for moving a delivery for no apparent reason.



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